Mount Pleasant Christian Church located near Greenville, NC

Faithfully sharing the Gospel since 1868

Mt. Pleasant Christian Church is more than just a building or an hour-long worship service on Sunday.  Mt. Pleasant Christian Church is people, people just like you and me that aren’t perfect, but people striving daily to be more like Jesus Christ.

On this earth, there is no perfect congregation.  So why should a person attend Mt. Pleasant than say, a church that is closer to his or her residence or the mega-church in town, where an individual can attend and still not be known by half the members?  At Mt. Pleasant Christian Church the Holy Bible is our only creed.  We speak where the Bible speaks, and we’re silent where the Bible is silent.

Come join us in our journey as we study and apply the scripture to our daily life to bless others and to be blessed.

Photo of MPCC new sanctuary